Pain in the PDF.

Apple’s decision to cut off our options on PDFs with Safari 5.1 stinks. (See Betalogue’s plaint on the loss of PDF downloads). It’s one of many little changes in the Apple marketing sphere (not an ‘ecology’: I can’t bear the confusion of ‘commodification of categories in order to control consumer choice’ with the symphony of life) that is making me wonder whether it’s time to throw all my favourite toys (Nisus, Sente, the cool interface for MongoDB) out of the pram and go sulk somewhere else. Except there isn’t a somewhere else; neither Linux nor the Windows world offer the tools I routinely use. Meh. Maybe it’s time for pencils. Or styli. Or group storytelling; Steve Collins once observed that narratives are much better at conveying complex information that expository nonfiction.

It’s just a box, just a box with a window: but the change from the typewriter to the computer stripped away too many sociabilities—and so far at least for me, it hasn’t revealed as many new ones as I would have liked. Yep, there are wonderful people that I have met through computer networks; but I read fewer books than I did, I worry more about my social presentation than I did, and I spend less time outside.

Okay, I can see what we need to do here. Time for a walk. You too—go on, stand up and walk away. Go find something living, a tree or a watercooler surrounded by gossip or a tandoori stand or a forest. Tell stories, eat fruit. See you later.

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